Tuesday, May 15, 2018

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The dua for marrying a specific person is that way and the best way to argue our required desire for the girl who like a specific person , due to merit of the persons because in persons girl saw some merit or goodness and then the girl decide to marry him , so for achieving or getting that persons girl said to our parents i.e father and mother to marriage that specific persons as soon as possible, so the girl dua for marrying a specific person as well as .The dua for marrying a specific person due to good features or character of that person in very positive way or condition and the girl attend five times of Namaz every day at a time or in time not lated , and after finishing Namaz the girl dua for marrying a specific person from the Allah .
Dua for marrying a specific person is only to the girl want to make specific person to life partners in very good way or manner because girl want or desire to decide to specific person ,make life partners due to his some good charactes and the girl expected in coming future the boy who is specific for that girl and the girl make him a life partners as soon as possible due to some reasons or causes in which the first one is there is no creating of disputes because the girl partners seem to be disciplined person and we know that discipline is the key of success so to this reason the girl want very much or very like that persons , the girl think that in future my parners is not like as today’s partners and not behave as today’s parners as like there is creating of non sene behavior , there is creating of undisciplined manner with the girl now a day’s ‘ so for the girl should dua for marrying a specific person

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